In the past, if you needed an executive, you would have to hire them as full-time workers and pay them high wages. A less costly solution is to hire what is known as a fractional executive since they only work a portion of the time a full-time executive would.

What Is a CMO?


Imagine that you’re training for a new role in another department. You have their SOPs, and you’re following them to the letter. The issue is that everyone else is not. What do you do when the processes are there, but there’s still something missing?

Now that you’ve moved beyond the…

For a moment, imagine that you have to show someone how every process in your company works within 24 hours. Can you do it?

Those who said yes probably have one of two things: Incredible luck or well-structured processes. But what is a process? …

Kamyar Shah

Small business advisor helping you increase profitability and productivity, offering remote CMO and Remote COO services 813–85-My-CXO

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